How to decorate a sweet wedding cake … a step-by-step

I posted this a few years back, but since it’s wedding season, I thought it might be fun to repost again.

Today’s posting is how to decorate a sweet, romantic cake.  This “how to” was featured in Pastry & Baking North America. (If interested in a subscription, click here: Ron came up with the concept and my former co-worker Sarah worked out the steps and I photographed the story.

Have fun and enjoy!  If any of you out there do make this cake, please send us your photos, we would love to see your versions.



1. Stack three round cake tiers, iced in butter cream and a thin layer of Ivory Satin Ice fondant. (We used 10” + 7” + 5” cakes on a 13” board.)
2. Roll thin strips of Ivory Satin Ice fondant on a textured board to achieve quilted pattern. (Ron uses a Lucite florescent lighting cover.)
3. Measure the circumference of the top and bottom tiers, and trim strips along the diagonal line.
4. Lightly brush the back of each fondant strip with water and apply to the bottom and top tiers.
5. Line up the diagonal seams to meet each other.
6. Roll out white Satin Ice Gum Paste and cut out flowers using a small blossom cutter.
7. Cup flowers with a ball tool against a piece of soft foam. Set flowers aside to dry.
8. Roll small balls of Blue Satin Ice fondant and attach to the center of each flowers with a bit of water.
9. Using the quilted pattern as a guide, apply the blossoms in a Swiss dot pattern.
10. Roll Blue Satin Ice fondant and cut into strips. Moisten the edges with water, place a wire or a skewer, fold the ends and fasten while cinching into a loop. Let loops dry sideways.
11. Prepare two tails & a small strip for the knot. Those will be applied to the cake while still flexible.
12. Apply a band of Satin Ice Blue fondant around the middle tier. Then attach bows, tails and the knot by inserting wires and moistening backs of the decorations to secure.
13.Mix powdered shimmer colors with clear alcohol and paint all decorations to a satiny finish.
14. A sweet and romantic blue and ivory cake!

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