What do you do with a Groom’s Cake?

In the southern tradition, the groom’s cake was placed next to the wedding cake at the reception, and then whisked away and cut into slices, packed and then given to the guests’ to bring home and enjoy.  The cake was decorated to reflect some sort of hobby or “favorite” of the groom.

Some of our client’s enjoy this southern tradition and the bride gets the cake a surprise to her groom.  But there are other places for the groom’s cake in your wedding weekend.

Here are a few groom's cakes we have done. My favorite is the Boba Fett cake in the top right hand corner.

– Surprise the groom at the rehearsal dinner with his cake.  Make it about him for the evening.  Pick a nontraditional flavor like a “candy bar” cake – chocolate cake with crunch peanut butter fillings and gooey caramel.  Yummy!

– Having an after party?  The groom’s cake can be the centerpiece for the late night soirée with your friends and family.  It’s an excellent way to incorporate a sweet treat into your late night snack menu.

– Doing a bridal brunch the day after your wedding?  Just when the groom thinks the celebration is over, what a lovely way to surprise the new husband with a thoughtful, delicious cake that reflects his personality.

These are a few ways to incorporate this fun southern tradition into your wedding.  I always say keep the groom’s cake a surprise – what a fun memory to create for a new couple; it’s something the groom will always remember!

One thought on “What do you do with a Groom’s Cake?

  1. Great ideas, I love how the concept of recognizing and saying thank you to the groom on a day that is often more about the bride….not that it shouldn’t be 😉

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