Deciding on confectionary décor…

This is a hard decision.  How am I going to decorate the outside of my cake? (Again – it comes down to inspiration, the one thing I always seem to mention.)

Here are some things to consider:

Location: Always keep this in mind when designing. You don’t want to put something ultra modern in a very traditional ornate room or vice versa. This particular cake was inspired by the wedding couple location for the reception - Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
Color: Don’t be afraid of it. Adding color can add drama. (And it doesn’t cost you additional $$$)
Fashion: This is around us everyday. This is a great source of inspiration for design. The confectionary surface design was inspired by the brides gown from Oscar de la Renta.
Architecture: Clean and sleek or gilded and ornate. There are lots of elements here that can be brought into the design of the cake. This cake was made for a wedding at The Plaza Hotel.
China/Dishware: Be different; be inspired by the china that the couple picks out together. This cake was inspired by Hermes chine.
Invitations: There is always something in the invite that we can be inspired by. Maybe it’s the over all look of the invite or a few details that would look fancy in sugar. The invite was designed by Ceci New York.
Flowers: Almost all weddings use flowers in the final design. This can be a wonderful source of inspiration. We make everything out of sugar so this now makes a wonderful keepsake as well.

So there you have it – some different things you can think about when designing a wedding cake.  Don’t use all of these things on a cake, that would be way to much.  But these suggestions will help you narrow down your options for confectionary surface design.

2 thoughts on “Deciding on confectionary décor…

  1. Great post, those are the exact categories! Lately too, I also find personal likes or personal interests are being incorporated into wedding cakes, cakes that reflect a little bit, or a lot, of who the bride groom are.

    Thank you for again for sharing. It is a well thought out perspective of the many categories of cake inspiration.

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