Tools…how do you use them?

When you look at our sugar flowers, most of the time it’s hard to believe they are not real. It’s a source of pride with us really. The staff takes the time to do their research, even Ron. Ron has done well over 10,000 sugar roses in his career. He still pours over the internet researching flowers, printing out pictures for the staff so they can examine the curve of a petal together. (He even takes us on field trips to the Botanical Gardens to further our study…)

Ron at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden examining Cherry Blossoms.

The one thing I have noticed working here is that the equipment that the staff uses to produce flowers are not limited to what is offered and standard in our industry. They use all kinds of things to shape and mold our confections. Styrofoam, knitting needles, toothpicks, wooden spoons, plastic spoons, egg cups…pretty much whatever they can get their hands on.

The real rose is on the left. Ron's sugar roses are on the right. His challenge is getting the curve of the petals to be delicate and fragile, just like in nature.


If you don't have the tools to provide the curves you need, then improvise. Use spoons to mimic curves in nature. Use different size knitting needles or toothpicks to turn a stiff edge into a gentle curve.

So don’t limit yourself in your tools, use what you have around you to create curves and movement of the objects you create out of sugar. You maybe surprised (and proud) of the results.

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