Our learning is never done…

I believe one of the reasons why our product is so great (ok so I work here, I am a bit biased) is that the staff is constantly learning.  We as a company believe the only way to get better is to keep studying and re-inventing our craft. Ron is always checking in with the staff to make sure that the sugar flowers are being executed the same way. This is how we keep a consistent product.  It’s important to study and take the time to try new things, this is how we come up with new techniques and improve our sugar flowers.

Ron is teaching Sarah how to make sugar roses. His process is always very hands on so he can maintain the consistency in his flowers.
Here are the tools that Ron use's for making sugar roses.

6 thoughts on “Our learning is never done…

  1. Where on earth do you find the patience to do this? The sugar flowers are breathtaking – but, my little OCD self gets the willies when I think about trying to make them. I’d go home and hang myself the first day! 🙂

  2. Does anyone know what the tool is with the ball on each end? It doesn’t look like the typical ball tool in the fondant tool packages.

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