My friendly reminder…

So it’s that time of year again in the northeast that we get crazy winter weather.  We’ll get rain and snow and sometimes a combination of both or we just get dumped on with snow.  This is my friendly little reminder to all of our cake friends out there who sell and deliver their cakes… PUT THEM IN A BOX!!!!!! (Was that gentle enough?)  There should be no reason to have an “accident” because your cake got wet due to the weather conditions, this is the one thing we can all absolutely control and it’s putting a beautifully decorated cake (one that took MANY hours to make) in a box.

All of our cakes are boxed up and ready to go. (Please note that these are display cakes in the boxes (which need to be protected as well!) so stacking the small ones on top of each other is ok. We do not recommend doing this with real cakes.)


This concludes my cake service announcement….you may all go back to your baking.  🙂

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