A little field trip in Soho…

Can you believe it; my parents have never tried a French macaron before.  I am heading up to New Hampshire this weekend to celebrate my dad’s 65th birthday (with a birthday cake from Ron of course!) and I thought what a perfect opportunity to go over to our chef friend’s bakery, FPB.  That’s the Francois Payard Bakery of course, they are neighbors with us here in Soho.  If I am going to bring home French macarons, I am going to bring home the best.

My delicious assortment of French macarons from François Payard's bakery FPB.

I grabbed our pastry chef Robin and we had our own little field trip to FPB Bakery in Soho.  His new location on South Houston is a gem.  Very friendly and always smells delicious.   It’s a fun spot for a light lunch and a must if you have a sweet tooth.  He was very generous and had us bring back an array of yummy treats for the staff at the bakery.  (Which they happily devoured!)

If you are ever in NYC visit FPB on 116 West Houston Street. You will not be disappointed!
A full staff is a happy staff! Thank you François for sending over all of the delicious treats. The staff loved it!

On a cake note, we also did François’s wedding cake…

François and Fernanda were married at One Woman Vineyards in Southold, NY.

2 thoughts on “A little field trip in Soho…

  1. We are hoping to go in NYC this fall, I plan to make a list of all the places I want to go at, mostly restaurants and bakeries…. I will definitely take note of “La pâtisserie de François Payard” !!!! His wedding cake is just perfect !!! The whole RBI team is awesome !!! Keep the good work !!! We love watching your creations !!! 🙂 xxxx

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