Happy birthday Dad!

This weekend I spent the weekend in New Hampshire (where I am from) with my family celebrating my Dad’s 65th birthday.  We had a small gathering of family and friends on Saturday afternoon to celebrate this momentous occasion.

I had fun decorating for Dad's party, I hand cut his birthday banner and made little labels for all of the food dishes.
Family and friends made this day very special. My Dad had a great time chatting it up with everyone! One of his gifts from a family friend was an "x-large" remote for the television.

Of course I had to bring home a cake from work, it would not be a celebration without it!  The cake was decorated with the Boston Red Sox logo and a birthday inscription. As a group gift, we all contributed to buy my Dad a brick that will be part of Fenway Ball Park in Boston Massachusetts. Being from New England we love our sports and my dad is a big Red Sox fan.

On the left my Dad is opening his certificate for his Fenway Park brick. On the right, my Dad and I with his cake, of course it's filled with his favorites: chocolate cake with crunchy peanut butter filling, gooey caramel and dark chocolate ganache. Happy birthday Dad!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Dad!

  1. Thank you Rebecca for sharing this very special day with your family and dad. You are a wonderful daughter to them for sure.

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