Being in the service industry, I aim to please everyone, customer service is always my top priority.  However, as we all know, sometimes it does not always workout.  How do I get through these rough patches you ask? With a touch of sarcasm and a lot of humor.

So in the spirit of Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live and his “Really with Seth Meyers” segment, I am going to apply that sarcastic humor to my own dealings in the bakery. (For those of you that need a point of reference please watch this short clip, and then you will know where I am coming from.

– You have a tented reception in the middle of August; the temperature is 95 degrees outside with high humidity.  Your guests are sweating; you think your cake should not.  Really?

– My outgoing message at work says I am here Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. However the voicemail you leave me says please call me after 7pm.  Really?

– I schedule our client meetings in one-hour increments.  You show you up 45 minutes late and still expect a full hour consultation with Ron.  Really?

– When another baker asks for assistance by posting on our twitter account, “I need you to help me, I have a cake emergency!” Really?

– Getting a cold call from a marketing firm telling me that they can put us on top in a Google search.  Our website is  Really?

– A client needs a wedding cake for 25 people but loves a 5-tiered stacked cake for 250 and then tells me to “shrink” it down. Really?

– When I post a picture on Facebook, explaining part of a process and then in the comments section someone asks exactly what we answered in the caption.  Really?

– When I am in the middle of booking an appointment on the phone and my computer crashes.  Really?

– When I email a florist for the types and colors of flowers they are using for the event and give me descriptions like “an abundance of fall colors exploding from high vases”.  Really?

– When I get an inquiry for private classes (which Ron does not do) and they say they only “need” one day with him.  Really?

– When a person trying to apply for a job, does so by posting on the wall of our Facebook Fan page. Really?

– When I try to take a whole bunch of pictures in the bakery, only to realize I have not put the memory card back in my camera. Really?

– When someone calls me up on the phone and says they need a cake in the shape of a guitar for a birthday party for 25 people that evening, and if it’s something we can “whip up”.  Really?

24 thoughts on “Really?!?!

  1. Hehehe ! Very funny ! Love the memory card thing and all customer service trouble…. I used to work as a customer service clerk in a courrier company… Customers would expect us to deliver a package in Africa THE NEXT DAY and would ask why it wasn’t possible….Really ?

  2. OMG! I’m sorry you go through that but glad we are not alone. I related to all of those but didn’t find it particularly funny. Really.

    How about the bride who schedules a tasting, doesn’t show up and then says I have the wrong numbwr when I call to see if they are coming. Really. Not funny.

  3. So Ron can’t do a ‘help’ call over the phone to Sydney after hours at your expense? I only need his help for an hour? REALLY!! Haha!

    Where would we be without a little sarcasm

    Lol!! Love it, well done and thank you for the laugh!

  4. This was a GREAT post! I have had several customers ask me to make a large specialty cake for them, similar to what they have seen posted on my facebook page, and when I tell them that it takes about 30 hours of labor and give them the price, their response is, “Are you kidding??? HOW CAN IT BE THAT EXPENSIVE…IT’S JUST CAKE!” REALLY???!!!

  5. Best post ever. My “really” today was a customer wanted a “bulk” discount on 3 dozen mini cupcakes. Really?

  6. megan@sweet by nature, Melbourne…

    Thanks for reminding us we are not alone!! I love being involved with the couple during this romantic process, but I think the worst is when the couple argue about the cake. in front of me.
    you are getting married?? Really ? : )

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  8. If your consultation for a custom wedding cake is at 2PM and you call to tell me you are running late and should get in “around” 230PM, why are you shocked when I tell you that the appointment will have to be cut back because I have a 3PM appointment…really

  9. Bahahahahaha this is too hilarious!! All so true and no matter what caliber baker you are, you can totally relate to this! Thanks for the laugh! I ❤ SNL 🙂

  10. hahahahahahahahaha that was HIL. AR. IOUS! {separated for emphasis of my love for the liberal helping of hilarity} seriously, adored this. (though i enjoy all your posts)

  11. Ha!!!! I can TOTALLY relate!! Sometimes they stuff being asked for are ridiculous/without common sense.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one bitchin’!!!

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