Would you like a peak inside the bakery?

I know a lot of people are curious as to what the inside of RBI Cakes looks like.  It’s not your typical bakery. We have big open spaces and lots of light.  Today I will give you the insiders of tour of where I work.

Here is our sign for the outside of our shop in Soho.

Once you take the elevator up to the bakery, you walk into a very big room with a big skylight and lots of natural light.

Our front room where we meet clients. Ron's part of the desk is to the left, mine is to the right. The glass table is where we meet our clients. The rest of the open space is for Ron to do impromptu dancing throughout the day. 🙂

Once you walk through the hallway, you enter our production room.  We have a couple of different names for this room, Flower room, Production room, Sugar room.  This is where all of the cakes are decorated and boxed after completion.

This is the production room. Ron sits all the way in the far corner on the right. The door on the right brings you into the bakery.

The bakery portion in the studio has a marble counter and lots of work space for baking.

Jeffrey, our head chef, is preparing pans for cakes to be baked in. Behind him is the very large sheeter that we use to roll fondant for the cakes.
A view from the back of the kitchen. To the right we have our oven, to the left, Robin is mixing cake batter in the mixers.
Today we are making vanilla cake...yummy!

In the back of the bakery we have two very large walk in refrigerators.

Here is one of our walk in fridges. They can hold already prepared boxed cakes. This is where we also store buttercreams and other delicious ingredients.

I love the space our employees get to work in.  It’s bright, it’s airy and full of great light.  This concludes our tour of the bakery today.  I am going back to work. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Would you like a peak inside the bakery?

  1. I am loving your blog! Your workspaces look wonderful! I had the pleasure of learning from Ron at Minette’s a couple of months ago. I learned so much, and am very grateful. Enjoy! Colleen

  2. you know i posted this to the RBI FB page, but i’m posting it here as well! :o) “i love your blog! and love the tour! sweet operation you guys got going there! (not that i imagined it was anything but perfection! ;o)”

  3. Thank you for sharing! Your place is awsome:) Nice and well organized. I wish I have a place like yours!. If Ron dance as he does, I will teach him merengue, cumbia, latin dance 🙂 Not bad 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing! I like the set-up of the bakery and it’s so nice to see the “behind the scene”. ~ D

  5. You know I am just sitting here wondering if I am the only person who looks at all this and gets so envious that it hurts…..literally?? It is my all time dream to work with Ron Ben Israel and looking at your workspace just makes me want to all the more 🙂
    I’m so happy that you found a job you love and you get to go to work knowing that you are doing something you enjoy and with such a great team of people.
    Loving your new blog, it gives those of us who can only dream of working in that environment a little back stage pass. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. As a stay at home mom, I cannot travel to learn from Ron Ben-Israel. You are indeed lucky to work for the leading cake maestro. I am jealous of you. (smiles)

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