Field trip!!!

Ron took us on a field trip yesterday!!!!  (Of course it was work related!) Ron, the staff, the interns and myself all took a little trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the cherry blossom festival.

Ron and staff on the way to the subway.

(For those of you who live in NYC – it’s free on Tuesdays!) The reason for the visit? Research.

Ron at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden pretending he is Maria from the Sound of Music.

When the staff makes all the flowers, they try to get them to look as natural as possible. The curl of the petal, the coloring, stamens etc…

Ron inspecting a group of flowers.

So of course it being spring, we get a lot of requests for this beautiful little blossom to be on a cake.  It was a treat, we all stood under a canopy of cherry blossoms admiring their beauty and taking notes on nature.


We did tour the rest of the gardens and looked at other flowers too.

Ron and some of our interns - Chloe, Charlotte & Jessica.

It was a nice distraction from the work day….

The staff at the end of our tour at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens...

And our research did not go to waste…here is Jason tying our version of cherry blossoms for a wedding cake this weekend.

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