Details….it’s the little things that make a difference…

I will say it over and over again, what an amazing group of people I get to work worth on a daily basis.  I have been here at the bakery 4+ years and I am still surprised every week by the kinds of cakes we produce.  It starts at the production meeting where Ron, Jeffrey – our head chef, Jason – our production manager and myself sit around a table and go over every cake order for the next month.  Ron explains his thoughts and design wishes to the team and then they take it to the rest of the staff who helps in executing the work.

Ron and Jason figuring our placement of molds for a wedding cake.

It is with great pleasure that I am even included in these meetings and I get to watch first hand the creation of something fabulous.  It’s amazing to watch the staff go through their process and to see them get really excited about complex projects.  They pay particular attention to every detail from feathers on a bird to how many divots are on a paper plate.

When I walk into the production room, I always check out what the staff is making.  The back wall of the production room has a bunch of racks on it.  Any given day of the week they are filled with sugar flowers in process  or sugar objects for various celebration cakes, silicon molds or Ron’s finished roses drying in the corner. Sometimes we can make these things weeks in advance, once they are dry, they are put away in hard plastic boxes for protection until they are needed to be put on the final product.

Treasure chest for an “under the sea” themed bar mitzvah cake.

So the next time you see a picture of a cake, pay particular attention to the details.  Look at the edges of the flowers, they are all hand dusted to add depth and a more natural quality.  Look at the moldings on a cake – that is also done by hand, some times cut apart with an xacto knife and then painted in a metallic gold by a steady hand with a brush.  Look closely – every cake we make is unique and customized and the details are really a work of art.

Sara dusting sugar flowers.