What is the scrap bowl???

The rumors are true.  We have something called a scrap bowl.  It does sound kind of gross, but it’s not really.  Let me explain…

We here at RBI Cakes have standards….every thing must be perfect! (Or close to it, it is homemade after all…) When our head chef Jeffrey prepares the cakes to be filled, he cuts the tops off so they are flat.  This gives him a good, flat foundation for the buttercream.  We don’t throw those tops in the trash – they go in the scrap bowl.  Or, when Jeffrey has been carving a cake in the shape of a whale or a car – these scraps now go in the bowl.  So now it’s a mixed with regular cake scraps and scraps with buttercream.  Do you see where I am going with this?  It’s just a bowl full of delicious yumminess.  Even though we work in the bakery, everyday, surrounded by cake, that bowl still comes out to the table after we eat our lunch, just to get a bit of a sweet treat.  If there are different kinds of scraps in the bowl, like carrot cake or coconut cake – my staff is like birds on a sidewalk eating a loaf of bread….the scrap bowl, it’s really a sight to behold.

4 thoughts on “What is the scrap bowl???

  1. I SO love the scrap bowl. I sometimes call one of my bakers and ask her if she has ‘something on the side’ for me to drop by and nibble on. As it happens, I just left a tasting at her shop. I walked in, said my hellos and walked straight to the back to the kitchen. Alas, no scraps today (yes, I wanted scraps AND cake from the tasting; greedy, I know). Maybe next time. I envy you guys!

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