FYI….snack time at a bakery is the best!!!!

So three of us were not satisfied with our lunch.  It’s that time in the afternoon when you just want a snack.  We have gluten free scrap bowl this week that makes me really happy!!! (Oh yea – the irony of my job is that I have a wheat allergy – yay me!)  So for todays snack – gluten free vanilla cake warmed up in the microwave with a little bit of peanut butter on it.  The peanut butter gets all melty …. it’s really delicious.  (And my belly is happy…)

4 thoughts on “FYI….snack time at a bakery is the best!!!!

  1. Hahaha! My daughter is Celiac (gluten allergy) too so working in our little bakery is a bit ironic as well. She loves the days we are doing our GF baking. Especially when we have GF “cookie fries” as she and her friends have so aptly named our GF sugar cookie scraps.

  2. Hellos!!!!!
    I love your work!!!!!!!

    Me encanta vuestro trabajo, soy una gran admiradora de vosotros, para mi sois una gran inspiración y sueño con alcanzat vuestro niver algún día!!!!!!!!

    Espero volver a New York y poder conoceros en persona.

    thank so much for your works!!!!!!!

  3. I recently found out I have a gluten allergy, and wondered if anyone in the cake business had one. I want to go to pastry school and wasn’t sure how much of an outcast I’d be, not being able to taste anything.

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