Seriously….who doesn’t love Fridays?

We all love Friday’s for a variety of reasons: weekends, after work cocktails with friends….but here at the bakery it’s our busiest day of the week.  The hustle and bustle so to speak. Getting the cakes finished and decorated for all of the weekend deliveries.  When you walk into the production room in the morning there are cakes stacked and ready to be decorated.  A blank canvas so to speak.   Music is usually playing while everybody ‘s heads are down in concentration making sure all of the sugar elements are applied just so.  There is a hectic “air” about the bakery, but when everything is done and boxed up, we are a tired, happy bunch.  We always love seeing the end result and we hope are clients do to!

Jeffrey icing the cake slice.
Finished cake board.
Cake slice is fondanted.
Last sugar touches of the party hat are being applied.
The final product!!! This was a birthday cake for a dear colleague of ours, David Beahm. Happy birthday!

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