Making it work…on a budget…

It seems like this whole year is about following a budget.  From my besties wedding to my own apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  Like everyone else I am on Pinterest, pinning away ideas, a thing I want, funny sayings and design things I would like to try in my apartment.

I have a lot of tchotchke in my life, from here, there and every where.  We all do.  But how do you put it all together.  Listening to all of my designer friends and learning from their years of experience, they all say the same thing – find your source of inspiration.  This goes for a variety of things – designing a cake, a room, a party.

So with this sound advice, I went out to start “designing” my own living space.  I love COLOR and color is inexpensive.  I have my source of inspiration, it was a very expensive pillow (that I got on UBER sale) at ABC Home.  I bought a few cans of paint and went on line to do a little research.  This is what I came up with.

Here is my inspiration. It’s a beautiful silk pillow that I got from ABC Carpet & Home. It has all of my favorite colors in one design!
Here is my wall of shelves before. I learned how to “style” my tchotchke. It really made my room look more put together. I also don’t like having my television as a focal point in my room so I included it on the shelf.
Right off of Pinterest. To make my tchotchke “pop” I painted an accent color in the back part of my shelves.
And here is my after. I love the pop of darker color (it’s a bright coral) against my light pink walls. (And yes those are digital rabbit ears on the tops of my shelves. I get all major networks and PBS – a girl needs her Downton Abbey and I get it for free. And FYI, I save about $2,000 a year for not having cable.)

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