A recap…

What a whirlwind of a summer it has been.  So you know my friends Steff & Ken who I wrote about getting married…they finally did at the beginning of the month!  As I had written before, my gift to the couple was coordination and design of their wedding.  We put my skills to the test and the bride and groom were very happy with the outcome, so I passed with flying colors!

Because we had started our planning process early and I kept checking in with the couple, the coordination and execution of design was seamless.  There were a few details to wrap up closer to the day of the wedding but that was to be expected.  Of course it’s better to show you with photos, so here you go!

Because I was already in the wedding party and was very limited as to what I could do for décor the morning of the wedding, we had to make quite the schedule. The flowers were delivered the Wednesday before. They were sent to Sandy’s house (Mother of the Bride and my Mom’s best friend…) at 9am by Fed Ex from Sam’s Club.

BUDGET TIP:  I did a little research and I found out that Sam’s Club (as well as other wholesale clubs) sell flowers wholesale.  I was able to get all of the flowers for reception décor (56 mini arrangements, escort card table, bar and gift table arrangements), personals (both men and women) and the church for under $1,000.  I was very impressed by the quality and freshness of the flowers from Sam’s Club.  We conditioned the flowers on Wednesday and did all of the arranging of table arrangements, personals and church flowers on Thursday.  For those arrangements that were too large for the fridge, we turned Sandy’s air conditioning on high and put the flowers underneath the flow of air.

Make sure if you are doing your own floral you have the space to store the flowers in a refrigerator when the arrangements are complete. Lucky for us, Sandy had an extra fridge in her garage. With some careful maneuvering we were able to get all but 8 of the mini arrangements and all of the ladies personal flowers in the fridge.
Steff wrote a sweet poem on the bottom of all of our shoes.  I happened to have mine with me when we were flower making so I thought this would be a cute photo.
Steff wrote a sweet poem on the bottom of all of our shoes. I happened to have mine with me when we were flower making so I thought this would be a cute photo.


Steff had an idea of what she wanted for table décor. She did not want anything tall on the table to dissuade people from having conversations so we did everything low with a lot of candle light.

BUDGET TIP: Think out side of the box for floral containers.  Steff and Ken wanted some sort of black glass containers holding the mini arrangements for the dinner tables.  Getting small black glass vessels from a floral wholesaler was still out of their budget.  I found black glass votive holders on Amazon.com, 72 of them for under $50.  Problem solved!

The morning of the wedding I had my hair and makeup done first.  Sandy came to get me at the salon; we ran back to her house to pick up the larger bouquets and dashed over to the hotel.  My wonderful friend Eric Hildebrand was my date for that weekend and was there to help me with the execution of décor in the ballroom.

Here we all our in our finery after Steff and Ken’s wedding up in Nashua, NH. After the ceremony we headed over to Greeley Park for a few photos with the wedding party. Congrats to the happy couple!




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