Featuring baker, Tamatha Cain of Choux Cake Studio

Today I would like to feature an enthusiastic blog reader from Jacksonville, Florida. Meet Tamatha Cain of Choux Cake Studio. Her work is one of whimsy and clean execution.

1. When did you start your business? What has been your greatest challenge? I started Choux almost 6 years ago and the greatest challenge has been managing all aspects of the business side when I just want to make pretty cakes!


2. What is your favorite cake decorating technique? I love hand painting on cakes. I learned to make my own molds in a class with Chef Ron, and now that is one of my favorite things to do, too. String work is great, too, but I don’t get many orders for it, unfortunately!


3. Who are your inspirations in the cake and pastry world? Ron Ben-Israel, Nicholas Lodge, Geraldine Randlesome, Nora De La Pava, Collette Peters, Margaret Braun


4. What are your favorite seasonal ingredients? We have wonderful strawberries in Florida in the Spring and early summer, so I love using them with cream or custard as a filling.


5. What tool do you use the most when cake decorating? Which one is your favorite? My favorite tools are my paintbrushes, but I do love my metal ball tool by Collette Peters. My trusty bench tool is super-important for straight cake sides, too.

Please visit Tamatha’s website here: www.chouxbakery.com.

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