Would you like to be featured on NYCCakeGirl blog?

I would love to see and share all of the work that my readers are producing.  Us cake people are a curious group.  So far I have had people respond to me from the Untied States, Costa Rica, Singapore and France.   I would love to see your work from all over the world and share it with everyone here.  (I know you are out there reading, the analytics for my blog are amazing – today’s readers include Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Philippines.)  You can be a professional, advanced amateur, a home baker, make the most amazing cupcakes, festive cookies – you make it, I want to see it and share with our community.

Here is a fun fact, the United Nations recognizes 192 countries (as of May 2008), I have had people from 176 countries read my blog throughout the world. Who new that so many of you enjoyed cake!!!!

So, If interested, please email me directly: rwtnyc@gmail.com.

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