All I can say to my readers is….thank you…

There was a time in my young life when I was a junior in high school and I struggled in my writing class.  The teacher’s name was Ms. Evans.  I was never an A+ student, I had my better subjects and I did love English and writing until I took this class.  I was never a disruptive student and I always did my homework and passed it in on time.  I never knew what this woman had against me.  I worked very hard on all my assignments and would never receive good grades.  Mostly C’s and D’s.  I tried to do extra to bring my grades up: extra credit, additional writing assignments – I tried everything.  When my Mom went to parent/teacher conference, Ms. Evans told my mother that she didn’t like my writing style, which is why my grades were low.  I did not really understand in high school about my “writing voice”.  Even though all of the content in my assignments met the criteria for class, Ms. Evans did not like the style in which I wrote.  Looking back on this now, it seems really unfair how she graded me.  My spelling and grammar were always correct and my arguments strong and factual when writing my term papers, but to give me a D because she did not like my style of writing? Hardly fair.

This weekend my blog has been seen over 500,000 times.  Since high school, I never thought of myself as a “writer”, I lost my confidence in something I enjoyed at a very young age from a teacher who never gave me the opportunity or encouragement to find my “voice”.  I have all of you to thank for that.  It boggles my mind that all of you keep coming back to read my musings about the events world, the occasional personal story and share my photos of all the crazy and beautiful things I see.  Half a million is a very large number and never in my life did I ever think I would see a half a million of something that would affect me personally.

So, THANK YOU to all of my readers who keep coming back and giving me the confidence and encouragement to allow me to do something again that I loved so very long ago. And to Ms. Evans who took my “voice” away in high school, because of your lack of encouragement and indifference in me, it has taken me more than 20 years to gain confidence to put this blog out there, you had me convinced that no one would read anything I had to offer…my readers would beg to differ.


(On another note, I would like to start featuring some of my baker readers on NYC Cake Girl!  There is so much talent out there and I would like to share that with the masses…You would need to answer my 5 questions and share some photos of your work along with a small bio.  I am hoping for a big response!  I want us to all see the inspiring work that is going on in the professional and amateur baking world.  If interested, please email me directly:

8 thoughts on “All I can say to my readers is….thank you…

  1. Rebecca – from one who sat through those same classes with you, let me just say that you have not only found your voice, but a beautiful eye and a talent that boggles the mind. It is truly a gift to find such beauty in the angles and compositions you shoot, and in your ability to capture them in such simple and powerful prose. I love what you do…and if Mrs. Evans couldn’t see that, it was her loss. Well done…well done indeed!

    STB, AHS ’88

  2. Hi Rebecca
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I am a HS algebra teacher and sometimes we as teachers do not realize how our words or actions affect our students. I have students who love me and some who hate me all in the same class. I’m glad you are a very talented and smart person who has been able to overcome a negative influence.

    Thanks 😀

  3. Wow! It’s amazing to see how life turns out. It seems people do like your writing style 500,000 times over. Mrs Evans east your heart out. Masses of love from the UK!

  4. I am trying to improve my English language and your blog one of the resources that I use to improve my writing skills.
    I really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. We all had a “Ms. Evans” during our schooling years, and it sometimes takes years to untangle the damage. But you, my dear Rebecca, are an inspiring example of finding your true “writing voice”. I keep telling you – there is a book waiting to be put together of your observations and descriptions.

  6. Looove ur blog and RBI. You guys give me the inspiration to keep going because cakig for business is so challenging here. Will give anything for a feature in ur hot blog. love you . Ijay. Jos , Nigeria

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