Behind the scenes for the Macy’s Flower Show…

The Macy’s Flower Show is a beautiful display of floral creativity.  This year’s theme was the painted garden and Ed was asked to create a “bouquet of the day” (a very large floral show piece) to be featured in Macy’s for a portion of the show.  Of course we always see the final product, but let’s take you behind the scenes…

Macys Flower show poster
The folks over at Macy’s sent us over the poster for this year’s show and where Ed was to draw his inspiration.
The poster had a very Asian feel to it and Ed decided to be inspired by the Chingmai Flower Show in Thailand.
Here is the “bouquet” Ed designed for the flower show.
Image 18
The next step in our process was creating templates so we could create the base and placement of the flowers to complete the design.
Here is the structure being put together in our warehouse. The photo on the far right shows one of the more intricate details that will be placed in the final design on site.
On the left, our crew on site putting all of the pieces together. On the far right some of the finished details of the bouquet.  Flowers used were roses and various kinds of orchids.
Here is the final bouquet. It stood about 8 feet high and at the widest point 4 feet across. Isn’t she a beauty???

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