It’s time for some color…

Springtime.  One of my favorite seasons is here, where color comes back into our lives.   I am also happy when a bride is not afraid to add a bit of color to her personal flowers on her wedding day.  It adds richness to the environment and not to mention is really beautiful to look at.

Here are a few tips when picking colorful, personal flowers:

– Chat with your florist/designer about what is season, not only is it a bit more budget friendly buying a flower that is in season, but you will have more variety to choose from.

– Choose greens and fillers that create some interest and texture.  It’s those little bright pops of color that create interesting moments in your bouquet.

– Mix up your colors!  You might be surprised how bright lush colors can coordinate with each other.  Be bold and try different and interesting color combinations that excite you.

– Pick a fun “wrap” for the handle of your personal flowers.  It can be a bright colored textured ribbon or maybe it’s a piece of left over fabric from one of your bridesmaids dress.  This finishes the look of any personal bouquet.  This is also a fun area to add mementos, maybe a charm with your grandparent’s pictures or the silk buttons from your great grandmother’s dress.

Bright colors and seasonal flowers make this a fun "springtime" bouquet.  Tulips are great this time of year and there are so many to chooses from.  You can also never go wrong with roses.
Bright colors and seasonal flowers make this a fun “springtime” bouquet. Tulips, Ranunculus, Roses and Mimosa are great for this time of year.  Ed choose a bright yellow grosgrain ribbon to tie in the bright yellow of the Mimosa.




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