Pick a color and go with it…

I have said this time again, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF COLOR.  Let me say that again without “yelling”….do not be afraid of color.  Sometimes picking one or two colors and using that through out your décor has an exciting visual impact.  A few years ago Ed was hired to design the wedding and reception décor for Lala Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony.  The color palette was deep reds with accents of dark pink.  The outcome was a visual feast for the eyes.

Left photo: Ed Libby’s sketch for Lala & Carmelo’s wedding service decor. Middle photo: Cake by Ron Ben Israel Right photo: The happy couple! (photos provided courtesy of Ed Libby & Co., Ron Ben-Israel Cakes and AP)

For our budget savvy friends out there, color doesn’t cost extra (unless of course you are having something custom dyed…).  So I say go for it…

The happy couple after saying their “I do’s”!
(photo courtesy of Bob & Dawn Davis Photography)



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