To new beginnings…

It felt like my first day of school yesterday!  I was nervous and anxious all at the same time, but very excited to start this new phase in my career.  So where am I?  I am working for an event design firm called Ed Libby & Co. (Check out the website here!)  Now, I have worked with Ed on some of events when I was at the bakery.  Ed would send over his fantastic sketches and Ron would whip up a little something in the bakery to go with Ed’s vision.

Ed started his design firm over two decades ago in a small workspace in his home.  (He now has a nice sized studio with a lovely, hardworking staff to execute his designs…btw.)  He mainly concentrated on flowers, which still have a large design element in his current work.  Ed is known for creating lavish and over the top environments from the discerning NYC bride to the celebrities throughout the world.

One of Ed’s lush designs as featured in Grace Ormand wedding magazine, what is not inspiring about this! (photography by Lawrence Chan)

What am I doing here?  We are kind of making it up as we go along, but I will help out mostly on the administrative side of things.  That is what I am good at, supporting a creative environment.  Even though it’s my second day, I already like it here.  Good people and great work.  This will still be a blog that you can come to for inspiration and other crazy stories of me working in the event industry.

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