Our latest (exciting) challenge….

What wonderful news we heard last year that same sex couples could get married legally in New York State.  We were thrilled to hear this news!  Weddings for everyone!  We have seen an increase in wedding cakes for same sex couples and so far we have booked about 8 cakes this year, last year we had 2.

The wedding industry as we have known it has always been “pretty”.  Because a majority of weddings are planned by women, you tend to see the softer side in most wedding events.  This year we have had many gay men come sit at our table for design sessions, and bring very masculine elements to reflect who they are for their own events.  Our bakery is known for a well-executed, creative design and our sugar flowers.  A majority of our wedding cakes fall into that “pretty” category.  However most of our gay couples have told us they don’t want to see sugar flowers on their cakes and they want something different with a more masculine feel.  And rightfully so!  Weddings are a direct reflection of who the couple is.   We have already started to see a shift in the industry and it’s very exciting.  Of course the obvious being the design element of a room, less traditional floral décor, the cake and non-traditional venues.

A few months ago we sat down with Peter and Antonio, they recently got married and their reception was at the The Glass Houses in NYC.  During the consultation, Ron asked about the venue, décor, invites, flowers, cuisine and then some.  When they showed Ron the invite, he was very excited.  The invite was inspired by the television show “Mad Men”.  This couple did not want a “traditional” cake so Ron took the design in another direction; he was inspired by the graphics on the invitation.

Here is Peter & Antonio’s wedding cake all of the details were inspired from their invitation.

I think it will be interesting to see how the bridal magazine market handles these changes and what they take away from these weddings as far as trends.  This is a very exciting time for our industry and opening the door for new and creative ideas for all weddings to enjoy, I can’t wait to see more…

9 thoughts on “Our latest (exciting) challenge….

  1. This cake was an impressive artistic response to the invitation. It’s great that NY passed a law so that same-sex couples could marry there …. Just a little sorry that we’re still locked in ideas about what we think is “masculine” and “feminine”! At the turn of the twentieth century, blue was “feminine” (flighty) and pink and red were “masculine” … Don’t really care whether this cake is masculine or feminine! It’s just fabulous!

  2. Fantastic cake. Here in Sweden gay couples were able to register their partnership from 1995-2009, when the consitution was changed citing marriage as gender neutral. Gay and lesbian couples can now either choose a church wedding or justice of the peace. Finally!

    Love is love.

  3. Absoultely! These will be interesting times for the wedding industry. Either way, this cake is stunning- sans flowers!

  4. It’s not easy to impress people with a cake, but this is truly spectacular! Personally, it’s THE best wedding cake I’ve ever seen.

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