Soooo busy…

It is official – wedding season is upon us.  I have printed all of the packing slips and gathered all of the details for the staff for June and the orders are still coming in.  I have my organized piles on my desk and I don’t think I have room for any more.  For me this is the most challenging time of year, we get the most appointments in May and June and we are very busy with cakes each weekend.  How do I manage it all?  First I take a deep breath and remind myself it’s only cake, not the end of the world.  Second, once I have the calendar written and the packing slips printed and handed to the design crew, I constantly check that everyone has the same pieces of information.  Is this tedious? Yes it is, but well worth it.  Because my volume of details for the next two months is so great, me double and triple checking myself allows me to catch whatever mistakes I have made early on, so I still have time to fix them. 

Apparently I only have room for 3 piles…

PS:  I feel I have neglected all of you and I apologize for that.  The one thing about working here is that it gets really busy and it’s hard to step away for 10 minutes to write a little something for the blog. I will try to post more!

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