A little spring is in the air…

One of my favorite times of the year, spring.  Beautiful flowers are abundant and one of my favorites is the peony.  Here is a wedding cake we did for Patricia and Doug, their invitation was inspired from a painting Patricia’s best friend made for her of peonies and they had it scanned and was used as part of their invitation.

using Patricia & Doug’s invitation for the coloring, Jason is doing a watercolor technique on flat sugar to later be applied on the cake.
Our finished peony cake.

7 thoughts on “A little spring is in the air…

  1. Thank you for doing this blog, it gives us more insight to Ron & his staffs beautiful work! I’m wondering what kind of cake stacking system Ron uses to keep those really tall & topsy turvy cakes sturdy. I’m just getting started myself and am trying to figure out the best way before I have a problem 🙂

  2. that is one gorgeous cake. can someone please tell me what is the colour of that bright pink peony on top of the cake ? and how on earth do u get it!! the colour i mean! =)

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