Brides Magazine asked us to re-create a little history…

This was a very exciting project for us.  The editors of Brides magazine came to us in February and asked us to recreate a specific cake for them.  The cake that they asked for was the wedding cake of Princess Victoria of England and Frederick William of Prussia from 1858.  There are no photographs of this cake, but only a sketch.  WE jumped at the chance to be able to recreate this intricate work of art that was inspired by the St. Bride’s church in London.

Here is the sketch that Brides Magazine presented to us and asked us if it was possible to recreate this historical cake.
When we start a project, we dissect it to get the proportions right and then enlarge it so we can make sure our confectionary decor will be to scale.
As in the original design, Ron strives for a cleaner, 3-dimensional execution of the sugar elements. We used 42 different molds to create the intricate details you see throughout the design.
This was the first wedding cake to ever use columns in the design. In these photos, Robin is putting together the very top of the cake.
12 pounds of sugar paste were used to achieve the decor of this cake.
Here is the finished cake. You will see in the original design that there were some posed people and cherubs that are not present on our cake. We find making people out of sugar a little creepy, so we opted to put sugar flowers on the cake instead. Our cake stands 42 inches tall.
It took 5 people and 160 man-hours to assemble this cake. In order to achieve the intricate details of the original design, many of the sugar molds used on the cake were overlapped with each other.

15 thoughts on “Brides Magazine asked us to re-create a little history…

  1. Thank You so much for sharing so many details about your work, these posts are like mini classes giving so much inspiration! As always, Ron and his team rocks!!!!

  2. Mr. Ron, you are the best, your work and your team are unbelivable….congratulations for your artistic details. God bless you all. Kisses from us in Brazil. Come to visit us soon, Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place to be. Lina Lucena Vasconcelos

  3. Too good to eat! I am very proud that my baby girl works with such a talented cadre of professionals!

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