Tip of the day…

Sometimes when you look at our cakes and there are elements on the cake that are “shiny”.  And then you ask yourself – how do we do that?  It’s simple really; we use a clothing steamer with distilled water. (Distilled water can be purchased in any drugstore.)   The sugar flowers don’t stay under the steam for too long, but when steam is applied to anything made out of sugar, you get a very shiny surface.  It’s a nice way to add dimension to any cake design. (Please note – the steam will only last for a few days and than go back to the flat fondant look. You can always re-steam if necessary.)

The newest intern to our crew, Christina, holds the leaves under the steam. Not too close to the steam though, if any droplets of water should get on your finished sugar piece it will melt. So be careful when applying this technique!
Here are some examples of cakes that we used the steam technique on. It really does give the cake a nice glossy finish.

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