Field trip to Planet Marshmallow in Manchester, NH…

Today’s post is not really cake related – but more of an appreciation for all things sweet and delicious.  For the holiday weekend I went home to New Hampshire to visit my family. As always it was fun to see my family and friends.  Saturday night we went to this new little cafe on Hanover Street in Manchester, NH called Planet Marshmallow. (Remember last year when I went camping and we made gourmet s’mores with the homemade marshmallows  Heather the owner has now opened a cafe!

It was a chilly Saturday night, but we warmed right up with our delicious coco drinks in Heather's new cozy cafe! Visit them here:

Planet Marshmallow Cafe is a cozy little spot that offers delicious coffee and hot chocolate selections (with their famous marshmallows of course) and desserts.  Joining me on the field trip was one of my best friends Stephanie and her wonderful boyfriend Ken (these are my fellow camping s’mores crew).  Ken ordered the S’mores Hot Chocolate; it was served in a nice big shallow mug.  His hot chocolate was topped with homemade graham crackers and of course the all-natural vanilla Planet Marshmallow.  I was of course a bit more difficult.  They had a latte drink made with coconut and coffee, but not being the coffee enthusiast, I asked Harrison (our happy waiter) to make me the same drink but with hot coco.  I had a delicious mug of steamy hot chocolate with a shot of coconut flavoring and the toasted coconut Planet Marshmallow.  That was a tasty drink!

Hot chocolate on a chilly evening.....

To go with our delicious mugs of hot coco, we of course had to order a few desserts. All of the desserts are baked by Gabby and we were more than happy to try a few. Ken ordered the Crusty Apple Pie baked with cinnamon sugar and Granny Smith apples.  It was topped with a homemade scoop of Jake’s vanilla ice cream.  He said it was delicious and not a crumb was left on his plate.  Stephanie enjoyed the Salted Caramel Cheesecake.  A homemade vanilla cheesecake with a vanilla cookie crust, dripping with Suss Sweets salted caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt.  This dessert is a must try if you are ever in the area.  The cheesecake was smooth and creamy and was the perfect compliment to the caramel.  Now we all know the irony of me working at a bakery is that I am allergic to wheat, so our very accommodating waiter Harrison whipped me up a little of that Jake’s homemade vanilla ice cream drizzled with a bit of Nutella. Now in the words of my Dad, “That didn’t suck.” (My Dad says this if he REALLY likes something.)

On the left is the apple pie and on the right the caramel cheesecake.

If you are ever in the Manchester, NH area, give this little café a try.  The staff is friendly, the atmosphere cozy and the marshmallows are delicious!

Here I am with Gabby, Jess and Harrison. (Heather the owner had left earlier, she had worked all day...sorry I missed her!)

We are going camping again this year – of course we are buying more marshmallows and trying different variations of s’mores. (The new one we want to try? The Planet Marshmallow Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry Square and a little spread of raspberry jam on a homemade graham cracker.  Who wants to come camping?)

One thought on “Field trip to Planet Marshmallow in Manchester, NH…

  1. I was there Friday night-and had the Coconut cake and some red wine. It was amazing, though a different combination than expected… we enjoyed it so much we returned Sat night for coffee!

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