A question from a reader…

How do you keep your gum paste flowers fresh? I recently was cleaning out some flowers I had made last summer and prior to throwing them away, I smelled them, and they smelled like rancid shortening. Do you go through your stock so quickly that they don’t have a chance to get like that? I had used Wilton fondant and gum paste for my flowers. Not sure if that makes a difference. Miss Tori…

Thanks Miss Tori for reading and bringing up an excellent question.  I brought this question to the staff and this is what they had to say:

“All of your sugar flowers should be dried completely before storing them away.  We have never had this kind of a problem before as we always make sure the sugar flowers/objects are dry.”

Keep in mind that we also work in a very dry environment.  If you work in a humid environment this could also have an impact on your sugar flowers.

Here are some of our sugar flowers and buds in various states of drying. They must be completely dry before stored.
Once the sugar flowers are completely dry, they are stored in plastic container. We try to keep our kitchen and production room as cool and dry as possible.

6 thoughts on “A question from a reader…

  1. In a humid environment it would be best to store the flowers in cardboard boxes rather than plastic which is more likey to sweat

  2. When I work with Fondant,I try to keep my place Cold but my fondant cracked easy .What is the best tempeture for work with fondant?

    1. They will get brittle and more fragile over time, but if you keep them covered in a box, out of the sun and stored in a safe place…years. If you are using older sugar flowers on a cake and you ante transporting it – put paper towels or plastic step between the petals so they won’t break when going over a bump.

  3. Reblogged this on NYC Cake Girl and commented:

    A question I am still getting from a lot of readers is, how do you keep your sugar flowers fresh? I am re-sharing this blog post from 2012 on how Ron Ben-Israel stores his sugar flowers.

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