A question from a reader…

A question I am still getting from a lot of readers is, how do you keep your sugar flowers fresh? I am re-sharing this blog post from 2012 on how Ron Ben-Israel stores his sugar flowers.

NYC Cake Girl

How do you keep your gum paste flowers fresh? I recently was cleaning out some flowers I had made last summer and prior to throwing them away, I smelled them, and they smelled like rancid shortening. Do you go through your stock so quickly that they don’t have a chance to get like that? I had used Wilton fondant and gum paste for my flowers. Not sure if that makes a difference. Miss Tori…

Thanks Miss Tori for reading and bringing up an excellent question.  I brought this question to the staff and this is what they had to say:

“All of your sugar flowers should be dried completely before storing them away.  We have never had this kind of a problem before as we always make sure the sugar flowers/objects are dry.”

Keep in mind that we also work in a very dry environment.  If you work in a…

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