Get ready…

So it’s March (Holy crap that came fast!) and the staff here in the bakery is getting ready for the spring season.  Come April it’s going to be busy.  So here are some things we do in the bakery to prep for the start of the new season…

1. Fill the boxes.  The one thing we can make in advance is sugar flowers.  We try and fill as much of the stock that we can.  Of course we still make flowers during the busy times, but we have the stock to pull from for last minute orders.

2. Clean your space.  This is the time to deep clean your workspace.  A deep cleaning and yearly organization of your workspace and tools will make it easier for you to get your job done.

3. Inventory your supplies.  It stinks when you run out of something you really need when you have 12 cakes going out in a weekend.  Take the time to inventory your work supplies and order your necessities now.  Not only will it be there when you need it, but you will save a little bit of $$$ by not having to order last minute and rush on delivery.

4. Do as much follow up with your clients as you can.  Go through all of your clients’ orders and see what last minute details you can firm up. (I had April done in February.)  This will help you create your workflow for the next few months and you can anticipate your schedule and know what additional projects you will be able to take on.

The only thing we ever hope for and try to produce is a good season.  Taking the above steps helps us to do just that. 

2 thoughts on “Get ready…

  1. How do you keep your gum paste flowers fresh? I recently was cleaning out some flowers I had made last summer and prior to throwing them away, I smelled them, and they smelled like rancid shortening. Do you go through your stock so quickly that they don’t have a chance to get like that? I had used Wilton fondant and gum paste for my flowers. Not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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