Your client tells you that your cake will be outside in a tent – in August…

While I love the outside wedding in a tent next to the ocean, this scenario is not ideal for a wedding cake.  Sometimes the tents can be air-conditioned (this is ideal!) and other times it’s just the outside air and the humidity.  So what is the baker to do?

We all know the ideal situation is placing the cake in a well air-conditioned room and letting the cake come to room temperature gradually.  Perhaps onsite there is a place you can leave the cake inside until you are ready to reveal for the cake cutting ceremony.

This was a delivery that we did out in the Hamptons. The cakes were refrigerated overnight in sealed boxes and were delivered in a refrigerated van. All of these measures help keep the cakes cold and makes it easier to transport without coming to room temperature. The photo on the right shows our delivery man, Ed wheeling the base of the cake to the tent.

No place for the cake inside? Rent a refrigerated van and keep the van behind the tent out of site from your guests.  That way you can keep your cake cold until you reveal the cake for your cake cutting.  The second option is a bit more expensive, but will keep your cake from melting.  If you have never seen what a little water and humidity can do to fondant – it’s not pretty.

Even though this cake was delivered on October 1, the weather was unseasonably warm. The wedding started at 6pm and we waited with the refrigerated van for a few hours before setting up 30 minutes before the guests' entered the tent for the reception.

Ron’s tip for bakers – Refrigerate your completed cake overnight in a sealed cardboard box, not only does the box keep the cake protected, dry and the humidity away from the fondant, the box is also an excellent insulator to help keep the cake cold for delivery purposes.

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