My birthday cake…

So I have decided that this is the first year I will be turning 39 years old.  I was not going to do a birthday cake but Ron insisted. (Really – how can I turn that down, that’s just silly.)  So I asked Ron if we could challenge our intern Lauren and have her make my cake from start to finish.  She asked me all the right questions, favorite colors, cake and filling flavors (of course it’s gluten free!) but we wanted to give her the opportunity to create something for me.  My mom is coming into the city tonight (she surprised me with a cruise for my birthday – we leave in the morning) and I am going to my favorite restaurant for dinner with my Mom and my beautiful, pink, gluten free birthday cake.  (Thanks Ron and Lauren!)

Lauren did molded pearls on the cake in different sizes and different shades of pink. She also blinged it out a little with some "disco".
So what flavors did I choose? It's a gluten free vanilla cake with coconut and lemon curd butter creams. YUMMY!!!!
My cute little cake! I love it! Thank you Lauren for designing my birthday cake!


13 thoughts on “My birthday cake…

  1. That’s a beautiful little cake! Happy birthday, and thank you for sharing what goes on at your place. I love reading your blog.

  2. Feliz cumpleaños!!!!!!!!, que bonito lugar de trabajo, soy fan de ustedes, y me encanta ver su blog, algún día tendré la dicha de conocerlos personalmente, es un sueño….

  3. Congratulations Lauren, Happy Birthday Rebeca. I love your blog. Have a good time and long years of healthy life!

  4. Happy Birthday! The cake is adorable. I wish I knew your glutin-free receipe. I just found out I am “sensitive” to wheat. Wish you well on your cruise.

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