It’s that time of year when we give back…

Twice a year we do two charity events for City Harvest.  The fall event is called Bid Against Hunger and it’s an amazing tasting event where they bring together 60 chefs from notable restaurants in New York City.  These chefs donate their time and food for the generous guests that attend.  Ron sits on the chef’s council for this organization and we get invited to do this event every year.  Last night they raised over $1,000,000 through ticket sales and live/silent auctions to help feed New York’s hungry.  We are very humbled to be part of such a great community of people who give to such a worthy cause.

Some quick facts about City Harvest:

– 1.5 million New Yorkers currently live in poverty, struggling to afford basic necessities such as rent and medical care and put food on their tables.

– City Harvest helps feed over 300,000 people each week.

– We rescue over 83,000 pounds of food each day.

– We rescue over 83,000 pounds of food each day.

– It costs City Harvest 27 cents to rescue a pound of food.

For more information regarding City Harvest, please visit there website

We brought a duo of autumn cakes: Apple Bourbon Cake with Vanilla Bean & Pecan Fillings and Cranberry Almond Cake with Coffee & Creme di Caramel Fillings plated with a Dulce de Leche sauce. Helping us out for the evening were two lovely interns from Australia, Renee and Charlotte and of course Ron and myself having our usual good time.
Some of the delicious dishes I tried (from left to right): Scarpetta: Yellowtail with Olio di Zenzero & flaked Sea Salt, Bar Basque: Black Cod Confit in Olive Oil with Cauliflower & Smoked Cavier, Great Performances: Mushroom & Truffle Pizza topped with Quail Egg, Caviarteria: Caviar & Smoked Salmon on Watermelon and Blue Hill: Forono Beets with Blue Hill Yogurt.
This event is always fun for the chefs. It's the one place where they can catch up with each other! (from left to right starting at the top) 1. Ben Pollinger from Oceana 2. Eric Rippert of Le Bernadin 3. Eric Ripert of Le Bernadin and Francois Payard of FPB 4. Marc Murphy of Landmarc and Scott Conant of Scarpetta 5. Jehangir Mehta of Mehtaphor 6. Liz Neumark of Great Performances and Kerry Heffernan of South Gate 7. Robb Garceau of Great Performances 8. One of Ron’s chef contestants and winner from Sweet Genius, Amos Hayon 9. Teaching Ron to Tango was Chef Gullermo of Sushi Samba 10. Andrea Jarosh of Donatella
All of the chefs of the evening being recognized by Jilly Stevens, our favorite Executive Director of City Harvest.
The delicious desserts of the evening (from left to right): Donatella: Cannoli with Pistachio & Coca Nibs Tumbador: Rice Krispy Rocher - toffee rice crispy & roasted peanuts covered in milk chocolate with a touch of sea salt, Francois Payard: selection of seasonal Macarons Three Tarts: selection of mini parfaits, Wallse: Elderberry & Concord Grape Puree with Sour Cream Mousse, Il Laboratorio del Gelato: Peanut butter and Chocolate Gelato
The highlight of my evening was when Miss U.S.A. came over and put her sash on Ron. And then in true Ron fashion he started to feed her cake. It was a great way to end a very fun evening!

2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year when we give back…

  1. Soy fan de Ron y esto me ha encantado enormemente de su solidaridad y amor a la vida y a la humanidad, me encanta, felicidades!!!

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