Who does not love a night of fashion!

I am girl, I love clothes and I love fashion.  Sometimes in my job the two actually come together and that makes me so happy!  One of the things we are inspired by here at the bakery when we design cakes, is fashion.  There are so many beautiful details on wedding dresses that when those details are crafted out of sugar the end result is amazing.

Some confectionary details from dresses we have been inspired by.

Last Friday night I was invited to attend an event for designer Randi Rahm.  Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera and Eva Longoria are just a few of the celebrities that have worn Randi’s creations.  There are many, many more, the list is long and very impressive.  Randi opened her Atelier on 5th Avenue to a select group of people to view her magnificent creations.  Her dresses are bright and bold with the most beautiful details.  She uses lace, color and a little bit of sparkle to keep her collection chic and glamorous.

This is one of my favorite designs by Randi Rahm. She dressed Carrie Underwood in this beautiful gown for the 2010 Country Music Association music awards.
Some close ups of the beautiful design work on Randi's dresses. Each bead is hand sewn and can take months to complete one garment.

So why was I invited?  Randi has decided to try her talented hand in the wedding dress world.  I got a sneak peak at her new bridal gown collection and was so very happy with what I saw.  I see many dresses that our clients bring to show us as inspirations for their cakes.

Her collection includes some beautiful wrap dresses, silhouettes inspired by the 1940's, hand painted lace that and 3-dimensional flowers that "pop" off the fabric.

I have seen many beautiful dresses sitting at our table.  I only wish our brides could have seen what Randi has created.  Her collection went from sweet to sexy to glamorous.  The way she used lace and color was splendid and inspiring.  If you look close enough, you can see the hand stitched beading that is applied carefully to make the designs pop off the fabric.  Look closely friends, the inspirations in Randi’s designs are endless.  Be inspired and welcome her and her beautiful dresses into our little wedding world.

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