Taking the class, applying the lesson.

One again, the folks over at Flowers of the World offered another unique class is floral design.   The focus of this class was basic flower design techniques in their style.  They taught us how to make a low, lush arrangement of flowers.  I see a lot of parallels in the way they design fresh flowers and how Ron decorates sugar flowers on a cake.

Some of the beautiful flowers that were on display last night at Flowers of the World.
The staff makes sure you have all the tools you will need to be able to create your arrangement.
Flowers of the World designer, Andrea, was an excellent teacher.
Of course I had to bring a cake from the bakery. Last night's cake was a celebration of summer. Peach cobbler cake with alternating layers of Cinnamon Pecan & Vanilla Bean Buttercreams. Notice our cake on the left and the lovely groupings of sugar roses.

If you do decorate with sugar flowers on cakes, I highly recommend taking a floral decorating class.  Find a style that suits you best and take a few lessons.  Last nights’ class offered a lot of insight on how to group flowers together and using the less is more approach to designing.  I am very proud of how my bouquet came out!

I decided to keep my arrangement all one color and went with green. I used FOTW's less is more approach to floral design. Keep in mind when designing your use of color and texture - this design application applies to cakes as well!
Once again FOTW staff out did themselves. Their knowledge of flowers and design is top notch. They were very informative and great instructors in floral design.

One thought on “Taking the class, applying the lesson.

  1. Beautiful Rebecca! The flower arranging class is a great idea..and the cinnamon pecan and vanilla bean buttercream with peach cobbler cake sounds amazing!! Thanks for all your great posts…so much fun to see inside Ron’s studio and all the gorgeous work you are all creating!

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