We did a “little” cake for a movie called Sex in the City 2…

If you have seen Sex in the City 2, then you have seen the cake we made for the Anthony & Stamford’s wedding, it’s at the very beginning of the movie and they pan over it rather quickly, you don’t really get a full shot of the cake. (Today of course you will see a full shot, I like to share!)  It was a really great project to work on and we had the opportunity to design something completely over the top.

The design of this cake was inspired by a dress worn by Mitzi Gaynor that was designed by Bob Mackie and the painting by Klimt called “The Kiss”.
A sketch that we submitted to the client for approval.
Swarovski crystals were hand strung to create the "waterfall" effect on the cake and cake stand.
The finished base of the cake.
Putting the top part of the cake together.
The finished cake waiting to be loaded up and taken over to the movie studio.
Close up of the strung Swarovski crystals and the sugar applique inspired by Klimt's "The Kiss"
The "cascading" crystals which was inspired by a frozen waterfall.
Beauty shot!

Some fun facts about this cake:

  • It took a staff of 9 people and 50 hours to put the cake together
  • The wedding cake stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • The cake stand was a custom design and made out of acrylic
  • Approximately 4,100 Swarovski crystals were used, mainly using chandelier elements
  • The cake serves 485 guests
  • Retail cost is $32,000

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    Revisiting a blog post form one of my most FAVORITE projects her at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes. The wedding cake we made for the Sex in the City 2 movie. Enjoy!!!

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