We did a “little” cake for a movie called Sex in the City 2…

Revisiting a blog post form one of my most FAVORITE projects at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes. The wedding cake we made for the Sex in the City 2 movie. Enjoy!!!

NYC Cake Girl

If you have seen Sex in the City 2, then you have seen the cake we made for the Anthony & Stamford’s wedding, it’s at the very beginning of the movie and they pan over it rather quickly, you don’t really get a full shot of the cake. (Today of course you will see a full shot, I like to share!)  It was a really great project to work on and we had the opportunity to design something completely over the top.

Beauty shot!

Some fun facts about this cake:

  • It took a staff of 9 people and 50 hours to put the cake together
  • The wedding cake stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • The cake stand was a custom design and made out of acrylic
  • Approximately 4,100 Swarovski crystals were used, mainly using chandelier elements
  • The cake serves 485 guests
  • Retail cost is $32,000

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