Some of my favorite calls I receive during the day….(speaking facetiously of course…)

Here is my phone at work. There are some funs sparkly Swarovski crystals on my phone from a project we did a couple years ago. And you can also see my crush on the upper left hand corner, when talking to the telemarketer’s; I secretly wish that Brendan Fraser could take me away. 🙂

One of my many duties at work is answering the phones. (Sometimes Ron picks up and that REALLY freaks people out!)  Let’s discuss one of my biggest pet peeves about the 9-5 work day. Telemarketers.  First off – let me say that this is not a job I would ever want, and for those that do this for a living must have a really tough skin.  That being said, being the responsible small business that we are, we have placed ourselves on the national do not call list and even though we kindly ask telemarketers to take us off the list, they still like to call me on an almost daily basis.  So Ron and I over and over again telling them please to stop calling us during business hours and of course they keep calling.

SO here are some of my favorites…

Banks I have never heard of before willing to give us a business loan and we qualify! (Next time I am going to say yes, I want to borrow they one million dollars they are offering me and I am just going to give them my address and see if they send me a check.)

Con Edison calling from India (that’s right – the Country!) telling me how I can save on my electric bill. (Seriously?!?!  How would you know what my electrical needs are… are in India!!!!)

Google Ads telling me that I can be ranked better in the search engine area.  (Seriously!!!! Our website is already – what more do we have to do!!!!)

Yellow Pages calls me at least once a day wanting to know if I want to upgrade my listing.  Everyday I ask them to kindly take me off of their list, and everyday they call me. (I love a communication company who really knows how to listen to what their potential client wants!)

Credit Card processing companies like to tell me that the current system I am using is not all that great and they have something better for me to try.  (They don’t even know the processing system we use – and we are very happy with it!)

And my all time favorite…the gas company telling me that there are better ways to save.   We are saving a ton!  We run an electric oven.  🙂

One thought on “Some of my favorite calls I receive during the day….(speaking facetiously of course…)

  1. Hi, I love your bloog I read a=every single word in here and Im ejoy very very much. thank your for sharing your experiences with us 🙂


    Huascar Aquino

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