The Royal Wedding a la viewing party….

What fun!  Had a very early morning start.  Left my apartment at 4:45pm.  Got to the New York Palace Hotel at about 5:15am and the event had begun, people were at their lovely tea tables sipping coffee and nibbling on delicious treats.  I won’t go in to a whole recap of the wedding (you can catch that on CNN).  But what I will say is this, it was very tasteful, Catherine and William looked happy and in love, the bride’s dress is something that will be remembered for years to come.  I had a lovely time, although I do wish my Mom was by my side to watch Royal Wedding round two but I know we will spend hours talking about the whole event…but the rest I’ll say in pictures…

The cake we brought as additional decor for the viewing party.
Ron & Rebecca posing with the royal couple.
Ron getting fresh with Kate.
Every table got bite size cake treats from RBI Cakes!
Ron presenting some of the guests with our tastings.
I even got to go home with flowers!

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