A royal wedding….

Of course my first official post is about the Royal Wedding.  I remember watching Princess Diana & Prince Charles get married.  I was very young and got up very early with my Mom and we watched together on TV.

This go around, I will be viewing it at the beautiful New York Palace Hotel with Ron at 5am!  We’ll be in our finery as we sip tea and champagne and watch the wedding in the Ballroom.  We are bringing a display cake to provide additional décor as well as cakes to be served to all of the guests.  Of course pictures will be posted …

As much fun as I know this event will be, it does not hold close to the memory I have of watching this wedding early in the morning with my mom on July 29, 1981.  I remember Lady Di’s dress, all of the ladies in the wedding party, the flowers and the kiss.  That Christmas, I unwrapped a very special present from my Mom.  It was a dessert china plate from Diana’s collection from Royal Dalton.  I still have my plate, it’s on a stand where I see it everyday.  Thanks Mom for making me wake up so early in the morning, for giving me that lovely memory and I will be thinking of you when I watch this Prince and his new Princess get married…

3 thoughts on “A royal wedding….

  1. OH, I did the same with my Mom! I loved every second of it. I can’t wait to meet you in May –I’ll be visiting NYC for clients shoots and a conference.

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