3 thoughts on “Visuals

  1. Hello, I hope you will share this with Ron. When I first became aware of him on the early Sweet Genius show, I thought he seemed so cold; but the image changed rapidly, as his beautiful golden spirit shines constantly through his eyes, as well as in his constructive comments to the contestants (unlike on other competition shows). So, I was inspired to go the website to view his esoteric creations, the artistry of which elevates my own spirit to heavenly realms. It is no surprise he was a ballet dancer, as that grace and elegance pervades his being. I love that he also “gives back” to the community with respect and honor to all individuals. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences as you work with this Master. Undoubtedly, you are a Master, too, or he would not have you as his partner in this work. I don’t have time to read a bunch of blogs; but I have subscribed to yours! May all of you be blessed in continuing this work! Nancy (Ayanna)

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