Featuring Baker: Lisa Raffael of Delicious Desserts

One of the most exciting things about my blog is my reader’s.  I love the comments and feedback you all share with me.  Even though I am not in the baking world anymore, I am still very much connected to this industry and still have a lot to say about it.  I am always looking to see what is new and exciting and I am still very concerned about the small business owners succeeding in this very difficult industry.  With that said, I was very excited to learn that one of my readers is long time baker Lisa Raffael of Delicious Desserts in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Lisa a three time Food Network Medalist, she is recognized by Brides Magazine, The Knot, Best of Boston, Phantom Gourmet, TLC’s Fabulous Cakes and a reader of my blog! (That one made me very happy.)  I reached out to Lisa to answer my top 5 questions and she happily obliged during her busy schedule…

The lovely Lisa Raffael and one of her beautiful creations.

1. When did you start your business? What has been your greatest challenge?

I started Delicious Desserts in 1992 – 21 years ago!!! My biggest challenge was perfecting the basics: base frosting, leveling cakes, etc. It takes so much practice to do this well, and in the beginning, you don’t have that many cakes to practice with!


2. What is your favorite cake decorating technique?

Any technique involving a modern theme. I love making abstract flowers out of gumpaste or fondant (or a combo of both), I love painting on cakes, and textured finishes. (I’m sorry – that’s 3 techniques, but it could be all on one cake!).


3.  Who are your inspirations in the cake and pastry world?

Oh my gosh…..SO MANY! I don’t want to leave anyone out!!!  Ron Ben Israel (really – I have been a HUGE fan of his since BEFORE the cake world became what it is today!) Norman Love
, Maggie Austin
, Peggy Porschen, Marina Sousa and CakeFace.

Christopher Dumas

4.  What are your favorite seasonal ingredients?

Living on Cape Cod, I’m surrounded by farms so I literally can pick my ingredients fresh from the garden! My favorite seasonal ingredients are cranberries, strawberries and blueberries.


5.  What tool do you use the most when cake decorating? Which one is your favorite?

My bench scraper and Exacto knife! I think I’d have to say my Exacto knife is the one I can’t live without…

Please visit Lisa and Delicious Desserts at the following:



(Thank you to the following photographers for providing pictures: Amy Dykens, Armour and Martell, Corinna Raznikov Photograpy, Tommy Colbert, Chris Cook Photograpghy.)


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