Pinterest….friend or foe?

It amazes me the tools that are available to our clients to help them facilitate the event and décor process.  They have the ability to use the internet as their main tool in their research and direct contact to the thousands of vendors that provide the many services required to pull off a successful event.

When our clients sit at our tables they bring their printouts, computers, smart phones and iPads to share their collected photos with us, sharing the feeling or story they want us to convey for their special day.  The one tool we keep seeing used over and over again is Pinterest.   I have to admit, I love Pinterest.  It’s the one place were I can collect everything that is inspiring to me, it offers helpful tips in my everyday life. (I personally am addicted to the Home Décor section, how do you think I learned how to style a shelf?) It’s a smart and brilliant application that was well thought out and useful to so many.

Here is a few of my Pinterest boards of things I am interested in.

We always love the well-prepared client that has done their homework. What I think is frustrating designers, is that our clients are bringing their Pinterests boards to their design meetings and are saying to us, “I want you to copy this.”  I will say a majority of those in the design industry will not copy another artist’s work.  It’s disrespectful and just down right rude.  We do however get inspired by our colleagues work.  Every designer has their own interpretations and esthetic, which is why we hope before our clients meet us, they have done their research to make sure they have picked the perfect person to interpret their “story”.  We cherish the client that wants us to design something for them, after all, that is what we do.  An event designer loves the challenge and enjoys the process of creating the most fabulous shindig of our client’s dreams.

Ed Libby designed this Chuppa for our clients Craig and Jenny at Oheka Castle. They wanted something that no one else had ever seen before. (Photography by Brett Matthews)

As a designer, whether it is décor, baker or florist we never want to copy another designer’s work.  We can be inspired by the work that you present us on your Pinterest boards, but do allow us to interpret the work in our own style.

One thought on “Pinterest….friend or foe?

  1. I also like all the creativity pinned on pinterest. But after a few disappointed customers, I now tell them when they bring a picture in that I am not the artist that made the cake or cupcake in the picture and that should I decorate, it will be similar but not a duplicate. I am tired of disappointing people who expect exact copies of art done by others. And they don’t listen when I tell them I would do something similar…..

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