My first event, it was a lot of hard work…

I have had a very quick lesson in how an event comes together.  How quick?  Two weeks quick.  I jumped in at the last minute only because I started working in “Libbyland” two weeks ago.  Everyone always sees the final product.  But to get the end result takes months of planning.  Every little detail is thought of for one of Ed’s events.  Down to the flower and ribbon on a well thought out napkin ring.

Custom furniture can be built weeks before. Floral arrangements can be done a few days in advance and kept in our big walk in fridge.

In order for me to do my job I have to know how all the departments work in Ed’s company.  So I started my morning with Kathleen at 6am on Saturday morning.  Our party started at 7:00pm.  That gives us about 12 hours for a room to come together.  So Kathleen directed the loading in of all the party’s elements.  Making sure all the rentals were there, the proper counts of everything.  Making sure our staff loaded in all of the large and small details of the party.  From the custom built furniture to the smallest of candle votives that go on each table.  Then Ed & Kathleen “conducted” the installation of the event.

Ed’s sketch is on the left for a floral sculpture that greeted the guests’ in the cocktail hour at The Plaza Hotel, on the right is the final product.

It’s definitely an involved, well thought out process and I learned a lot watching our crew.  The end result was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have been more proud to be associated with such an excellent team of people.  But as you know, pictures speak much louder than words….

Some of the other details that greeted guests’ in the cocktail hour. Some of the these themes followed the party upstairs into the main ballroom of The Plaza Hotel.
Ed’s sketch for the escort card table on the left and the end result on the right.
No detail goes unnoticed. Cotton candy was presented on mannequin heads that were brought out by dancers so the kids could take as they were dancing on the dance floor.
The table setting, every little nuance was thought out, it’s just as important as the overall decor of the room.  The client’s logo was very present throughout the event in small fun touches.
Even the cake was well thought out for this party. My favorite baker (and former employer!) Ron Ben-Israel designed this fun creation to reflect Ed’s designs. The Chandelier was a great focal point of the room bringing the client’s logo and Ed’s vision together.
Here are three pictures representing the beginning, middle and final result of Saturdays event. It was amazing to me to see months of work get installed in about 12 hours. The end result was BEAUTIFUL!

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