Thanks for writing!

When I come into the bakery first thing in the morning, I sit at my desk and start going through my emails.  I get emails about cakes, Ron’s teaching schedule, booking appointments, client details and my favorite are the Sweet Genius emails.  I received this one a few days ago:

The following message was sent to the Food Network, and I wanted to send a copy direclty to you. 

This in regards to Sweet Genius, specifically to request the new format be discarded.  My husband and I started watching Chef Ron last season, and because of Chef Ron’s personality, we were hooked.  We are very disappointed with the new season of Sweet Genius, as the format limits Chef Ron’s personality to drive the show.  Now, instead of Chef Ron describing the challenges, the secret ingredients and the inspirations, and adding his humor and personality, there is a cold, computer generated female voice. Thus, the major component for watching the show, Chef Ron, has become limited, as is our interest in the show. Hopefully, other viewers who have enjoyed Sweet Genius because of Chef Ron, will also contact the Food Network and request the old format return.   Thank you for your time.


My reply to Durinda:

Thank you for watching Ron and his show.  You will be happy to know that you are currently watching re-runs of season 1.  He is filming season 3 right now and will be his lovely charming self that you saw in season 2.

Durinda’s response:

 I am so happy to hear we were watching re-runs!  Obviously, I am no Sweet Genius.  My husband and I both had a good laugh at our mistake.  Thank you for your quick response!   We look forward to Season 3. 


Devoted fans – Michael and Durinda

These kinds of emails make my day. Thank you to all who watch Ron’s show!

2 thoughts on “Thanks for writing!

  1. Made the same mistake as Michael and Durinda – and also lamented the loss of Chef Ron’s voice. Will look forward to the next season!

  2. Speaking of shows , I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see Chef Ron on an episode of Drop Dead Diva ! Any way of finding out if he’ll be on future episodes? And I look forward to continue watching Sweet Genius too ( I even found the theme music 🙂 )

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