Special visitors…

We love it when we get to meet our intern’s families!  Christina came to us from Le Cordon Bleu pastry program in Miami.  She has been with us for a few months now.

Christina’s family just flew in from Miami, FL for a long weekend with their daughter.  Before Mom and Dad got on a plane to come up to NYC, they went to the very famous La Carreta Cuban Restaurant to bring us delicious guava pastries.  They really know how to make a group of bakers happy!

In the top picture, our intern Christina is standing to the left and her Dad is explaining to Ron the various treats he has brought from La Carreta. Don’t they look yummy!
Christina is showing her family a project that she is working with our other interns Daniel and Marisa. Her parents are so proud of her! (We are too…she does a good job!)

4 thoughts on “Special visitors…

  1. Hey Cristina!!! KNOCK EM’ DEAD! You are exactly where you are supposed to be! You have the magic touch! LOL .. Tracy Ciardi, Le Cordon Bleu Student pastry chef, Barton G, Miami.

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