Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

There is always logistics involved with our celebration cakes whether it is collecting all of the inspirational materials for the design, baking, decorating or most importantly the delivery. (Of course we want to make sure our hard work gets to the location!)

We have an out of town wedding this weekend in upstate New York.  The Dad of the groom arranged with the venue an early drop off of the cake to their walk in refrigerator. (This saved them on the cost of delivery.)  This very clever Dad had something made out of wood to fit in the back seat to keep the cake secure, kind of a cake car seat.  A very clever way to keep the cake level while in transit.

Very clever! This plank of wood is like a cake car seat!

A few tips for you if you are doing your own delivery:

Consult with the venue to arrange storage in their walk in refrigerator.

Try and pick up the cake early in the morning in a very cold, air conditioned vehicle.  You want to keep the cake as cold as possible to maintain its freshness. (This method is good for up to 3 hours of travel.)  It’s best to travel when the sun is not baking the car, as it would in the afternoon.  When you get to the location, put the cake in the fridge immediately.

It’s best to transport the cake on a level surface.  An SUV or Mini van is best but you can get creative like our Dad or if you have room putting the cake on the floor in the backseat.

5 thoughts on “Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

  1. thanks for the tips… just wondering, if you keep it in the fridge until serving time, is the buttercream not too hard?

  2. Hello Rachel, after reading this post I was inspired to send you a picture of the cake box my wonderful husband designed and built for me because I have to often transport my cakes. But since I can’t send a picture here’s what he built: a wooden box measurinng 17.5″ wide and 30.5″ high. (this will take a 14″ cake board and at least 4 tiers high. He insulated it with 2″ thick styrofoam board and metallic-reflective sheeting. At the bottom he has secured an opening for a large, shallow metal bowl frozen with ice.The entire front side of the box removes so a cake can be set in and taken out with ease. I wish you could see this, because it really is a thing of creativness. It has helped me to transport stacked cakes more that 2 hours away and keeps cold at a temperature of 55 degrees. We make a good team, I bake….he builds! Thanks for listening. Cynthia in California

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